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Let us speak English

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Yeah, guys. But it was long ago. Maybe let's begin another topic? What do you think?



Let us speak about you...How is going? Did you like Moscow?



natusek, I haven't understood yet. :) There are some advantages, but there're also a great number of problems. Nevertheless what concerns study I like it though it's very difficult. I am getting used to English speaking but it's not so easy to understand maths and microeconomics at once. And I like Spanish =) It's so interesting. I am very satisfied that I've chosen this language. Unfortunately, I don't have much time for Turkish now as I had in summer but I am not going to give it up =)



banduma написал(а):

As an IT Analyst found a nice analysis on Kisses  :embarrest:
Types Of Kisses

kissing Below you will find a variety of kiss types. If you find some that catch your fancy, feel free to try them :-)

Butterfly Kiss - With your faces less than a breath away, open and close your eyelids against your partners. If done correctly, the fluttering sensation will match the one in your heart.

Cheek Kiss - A friendly, "I really like you" kiss. Often the preferred kissing method of a first date. With your hands on your partner's shoulders, gently brush your lips across her cheek.

Earlobe Kiss - Gently sip and suck the earlobe. Avoid louder sucking noises as ears are sensitized noise detectors.

Eskimo Kiss - With your faces less than a breath apart, gently rub your noses together.

Eye Kiss - Hold your partner's head with both hands and slowly move their head in the direction you wish your kiss to go... then slowly kiss up towards your partner's eyes and give them a tender kiss on top of their closed eyes.hmm nice  :tongue:

Eyelid Kiss - While your partner is resting/sleeping with eyes closed, very very gently kiss the spot right below their browbone. A very intimate kiss.

Finger Kiss - While laying together gently suck on their fingers. This can be very seductive and pleasurable.

Foot Kiss - An erotic and romantic gesture. It may tickle, but relax and enjoy it! To give a toe kiss by gently suck the toes and then lightly kissing the foot. It helps to gently massage the base of the foot while performing the kiss.

Forehead Kiss - The "motherly" kiss or "just friends" kiss. The forehead kiss can be a comforting kiss to anyone. Simply brush your lips lightly across the crown of their head.

Freeze Kiss (or Melt Kiss) - Experiment with this fun kiss. Put a small piece of ice in your mouth, then open mouth and kiss your partner, passing them the ice with your tongue. It's an erotic and sensual french kiss with a twist of cold.

French Kiss - The kiss involving the tongue. Some call this the "Soul Kiss" because the life and soul are thought to pass through the mouth's breath in the exchange across tongues. Surprisingly, the French call this "The English Kiss".

Fruity Kiss - Take a small piece of fruit and place between your lips (juicy fruits such as grapes, strawberries, small pieces of pineapple or mango are ideal). Kiss your partner and nibble one half of the piece of fruit while they nibble the other until it breaks in half, allowing the juice to run into your mouths.

Hand Kiss - Gently raise her hand to your lips. Lightly brush your lips across the top of her hand. Historically this kiss was performed with a bow, which showed deference to a lady.

Hickey Kiss - The object is not to draw blood, but to gently leave a mark that will prove your interlude was not a dream. This is often included in erotic foreplay.

Hostage Kiss - Cover your lips with tape and get your love's attention. When they come near, make noises like you're trying to tell them something and motion as if you can't get the tape off. Once they remove the tape from you to hear what you're trying to say tell them: "I've been saving my lips all day just for you!" Then kiss your love passionately!

Hot and Cold Kiss - Lick your partner's lips so that they're warm, and then gently blow on them. The sudden cold blast makes for a sensual explosion, and they will often try it on you next, as well as get very passionate.

Mistletoe Kiss - Surprise your lover by capturing them with a gentle holiday kiss under the mistletoe. This is also a good method for shyer individuals to steal a kiss from a potential lover.

Letter Kiss - Send your lover a kiss in a love letter by writing the letter x several times in a row at the bottom of a letter such as XXXXX.

Lick Kiss - Just before kissing, gently run your tongue along you partners lip whether it be the top or bottom one depending on the position of your lips. Very sensual.

Lip Sucking Kiss - When kissing gently suck on their lower lip. This can be very exciting.

Neck Nibble Kiss - Gently nibble up and down your partners neck. End with a gentle kiss on the lips.

Nip Kiss - This kiss can create a very erotic sensation. While kissing your partner, ever so gently nibble on their lips. You must be very careful not to bite to hard or hurt your partner. When done correctly, this kiss ignites wonderful sensations.

Reverse Lips Kiss - It involves standing above your lover and kissing them from over their head. This way, each kisser can take the hyper-sensitive bottom lip of thier lover in their mouths, and GENTLY draw blood to the surface of the lip by nibbling and sucking. A very sensuous, connecting kiss.

Searching The Cavern - Use the lips and tongue to gently tickle and kiss your lover's navel. Vary speeds and stroke to change sensation. Invigorating and intoxicating.

Shoulder Kiss - Simply come from behind, embrace her, and kiss the top of her shoulder. This is a sensual, loving kiss.

Sip Kiss - Take a small sip of your favorite drink. Leaving a little bit of it on your lips, kiss your partner. It is a unique way to create a sensual feeling and your partner will enjoy it.

Talking Kiss - Whisper sweet nothings into your partner's mouth. If caught in the act, simply say as Chico Marx, "I wasn't kissing her. I was whispering into her mouth."

Teaser Kiss - Starting on the forehead, a sweet short kiss on lips, then move up the arms up to her hand, kiss her hand, then come back up her arm, to her face and then lightly kiss her lips till she wants a passionate kiss.

The Buzzing Kiss - Gently place your lips against your lover's neck , behind their ear. Now, send a shudder through their skin by gently growling and humming, vibrating your lips and cheeks as you do so. Move up and down the neck, over the bones of the face and lips. Stimulating and erotic when done correctly.

The Whipped Cream Kiss - Dip your finger into some cool whip or whipped cream of your choice. Lick it off slowly, then embrace your partner and kiss them deeply letting their tongue slip over yours for a wonderfully sweet kiss. It's very seductive and passionate.

Tiger Kiss - Quietly sneak up behind your partner making sure they do not know what you are going to do. Out of the blue, grab them and gently bite their neck. Make sure to get a few good growls in too. This will surely surprise them.

Trickle Kiss - Take a sip of a favourite drink and trickle it slowly into partner's mouth while kissing.

Tongue Sucking - A variation of the French kiss. During an open-mouth kiss gently suck on your partner's tongue (not too hard because it may hurt). Very sexy :-)

Quickie Kiss - When you're in a rush. Often the nose gets it rather than the lips.

Vacuum Kiss - While kissing open-mouthed, slightly suck in as if you were sucking the air from your partners mouth. This is a playful kiss.

Wake Up Kiss - Before your partner awakes lean over and kiss their cheek and move over giving soft kisses until you reach their lips. Definitely a more than pleasant way to wake up!

Virtual Kiss - For Internet lovers. Send an e-card or a kiss via email with this symbol:

what? so many types? thats just wow!!!!!!!!!!



sss777, yeah, I became embarrassed too  :stupor:



Hi ALL....Advance I am sorry for my English :blush: ....But I wanna to learn that language very well.....because I have a plan))))))).....Seen that  topic.....very liked......ADMIN_VERY THANKS...oh yah,I live in russia,too)))



ironminator welcome! Hope, you'll like the forum. =)



Thanks,MISS... Hope too))))).....why so quiet here.....Where are all)))

Отредактировано ironminator (2010-01-28 01:47:36)



ironminator, everybody keeps silent.  But we can make some noice I suppose)))



MissParadiseSo, That is someone waiting for?))))....Let's go :jumping: ...Oh yeah,Miss,do you speak in russia?)))



ironminator what do you mean? I live in Russia



really?you live in russia?but under the photos that you have written from Belarus :flag: .....what city do you live(if no а secret)))))?



Hello! I live in Russia. I'm happy mom. Do you have children?



ironminator, I lived there, but I've been living in Moscow for 6 months. And what about you? Where are you from?

милашка13, welcome! Fortunately I don't have them, I am young and quite not ready for children. But I congratulate you. =)



I am living in Ivanovo for 3years.....But in Russia 9years Living......study at the University.third course.future lawyer :glasses: юфтв you?you study?



ironminator, Yes. Future financier =)
If you are 9 years in Russia where are u from then?



I'm from Azerbaijan.....But,when I left I,was 11 years old.That сonsider now how old I)))))
Is anyone from Azerbaijan else here?



as i know here are some ppl from Azarbaijan...look to the list of users



Anyone knows,where may I free download Tirkish movies(old and new movies)?!



ironminator, I am a bit younger

Check this department



MissParadiseYou did not say where you learn,!or is it a secret?))



ironminator, you asked me, did you? I don´t see :D



MissParadiseI did not ask?So,miss where are you studying?)))))



in the Russian Economic Academy =) You?



MissParadiseModern Humanities Academy......hard you study?



ironminator, yeah, very much but very interesting as well for me it's the most important thing.



obviously....Most important, what not bored)))).Turkish language you teach?lot of that already know?



ironminator, yeah, but unfortunately don´t have much time for it now. I learn Spanish at the University so it´s difficult for me to find time for Turkish, too.



Well, good luck to you.but I want to please you-Turkish language is not difficult.but I myself really want to learn Spanish.week ago began to learn



ironminator, some people tell that Spanish is the easiest European language. I disagree. It's neither more difficult nor easier.



I think for Russian people Spanish is easier, there are common words or words which you can guess.
for example



natusek, maybe but these rules with pronouns and cases. It´s just crazy for me.

Estoy explicandosla = I explain her (for example Grammar (feminine in Spanish)) to you.




MissParadise написал(а):

natusek, maybe but these rules with pronouns and cases. It´s just crazy for me.

Actually I dont remember them=), so it is better to start from the very beginning :D



MissParadise написал(а):

some people tell that Spanish is the easiest European language

& i think so too



why do you think so?)



+1 to Natusek's question  :question:



This is a method which helps to involve a person in the process of communication :rolleyes:



i never studied spanish, but tried to read a little and heard certainly...
even among other Romance languages - spanish is the most beautiful and melodious.. i  remembered words and could repeat it
Probably all complexity in grammar, no? :)
But i think russian is much more complex in grammar, I am not right?  :flirt:

p.s.: forgive for my bad english  :blush:



Mousexa написал(а):

But i think russian is much more complex in grammar, I am not right?

russian is like chinese for foreigners)



yes yes .... and I wonder too .... grammar complicated from the Spaniards?and in general of all the famous (it is clear what I mean) is the easiest language to learn how?



Mousexa написал(а):

even among other Romance languages - spanish is the most beautiful and melodious.

Oh Spanish )))
I love spanish language
my husband speak in spanish so good, now Im just so eager to learn it

natusek написал(а):

russian is like chinese for foreigners)

lol thats true  8-)



natusek написал(а):

why do you think so?

spanish language is objectively easer, because it has a minimum of exceptions to the rules and easy pronunciation. also, spanish as turkish and latin easy to read

Отредактировано Iris (2010-02-08 21:51:44)



Iris написал(а):

spanish language is objectively easer, because it has a minimum of exceptions to the rules and easy pronunciation. also, spanish as turkish and latin easy to read

May I disagree?) Take for example irregular verbs and verbs in general. Nothing less than in German or English + verbs which change only from time to time. The verbs are declined. If in English we have only -s in the ending, here we have different endings at all.



in english not only -s. -es too... & u know..........exceptions like in these words man/men, foot/feet, child/children etc



I meant just verbs in this case. =) It's really difficult for me to compare but I am still convinced that it is not so easy.



lets start)))






hi, how are you?



natusek hello))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
im so glad to see you))))))))) im fine, how are you?



Glad to see you guys!=) I am terribly sorry for such a long break. Having been very busy with my study I didn't have much time to visit the forum